Hackathon – A new addition to the Agile tool box @Dailymotion (English)

Animated in english by Ilaria Fazio and Magnus Naslund (Dailymotion)

Why a hackathon is the best thing you can do to (re)launch a positive company culture.

Last year Dailymotion went through a deep re-organization of the engineering teams, we hired over 100 new employees, we threw out our old roadmap and we started over with a new clearly-defined, ambitious project. Within 3 months, we were well on our way to transforming ourselves into a new company and we needed to find again that old good vibe feeling whilst working to define a new culture.

For this reason, and in line with our agile transformation, we decided to introduce hackathons as part of our development process. Twice a year, we take a step back from our daily work, we open our mind, and we innovate.

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